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Meet The Pack


Meet David and his five beloved “kids”, American Pit Bull Terriers: Kaimana (CGC) and Primadonna (CGC, RIP: 2011), shelter rescues, Dalmation/Cattledog mix, Smudge, newly added small breeds, Kekoa and Leonardo.

David was blessed to be the companion of his then, 3 pack, 12 years ago. His experience with large and strong-breed dogs has served him well, especially when overcoming the stereotype that goes along with owning ABDT’s

Kaimana (CGC)

Kaimana Diving.Id_9007Brilliant, eager to learn, driven and lover of all people. Kai is my flying disc catcher, ball chaser and water dog! She’s an absolute thinker and loves all puzzle games that she figures within seconds.

Kai’s one tough dog and is a cancer survivor, had two ACL surgeries & still serves as one of my demo dogs during various training sessions. Kai now competes in AKC Rally Obedience trials and is having a blast!

Kai thrives in having a job to do and is always up for a challenge. She’s such a wonderful ambassador for pitbulls and changed the hearts of many who have judged her because of her breed.

Second Strike Smudge (CGC, NJC, NAP, OAP, OJP)

Meet SmudgeReturned twice to the shelter from previous owners Smudge was high strung, nervous, scared, but yet longing to be loved. He was so frightened that they had to carry him to meet me. Through dedication and love, he has blossomed into this incredibly loving, intelligent, athletic dog and is the inspiration for the ADA Logo.

Smudge serves as David’s main demo dog, using his calming body language to help other canines. He actively competes in the great dog sport of agility and has earned his Novice, Standard and is now working towards his Excellent title. He is also involved in competing in AKC Rally Obedience trials as well.

Smudge loves to run, participating in multiple 5k9 races; he thoroughly enjoys tapping into his herding breed instincts by herding sheep, has done flyball, catches discs, chases balls and is an all-around great dog. He loves all dogs, all people and truly is David’s best friend.

PrimaDonna (CGC)

Meet DonnaDonna’s tough exterior and deep bark was a front for this sweet, sensitive and loving old soul. Donna was contemplative by nature, having to decide whether or not she trusted a person. She was capable of doing everything her brother and sister do, but just in her own time.

Donna did not hold any fancy titles, aside from her Canine Good Citizen and earning First Place in her obedience class. She loved being playing tug with Kai and being chased by big brother Smudge. She was patient with puppies and the first dog I would bring out to meet small children and infants, because of her calm and loving nature.

Donna passed over to Rainbow Bridge in 2011, leaving a big gap in our pack. She is the heart of why ADA was created. There is not a day goes by that Donna is not missed. Thank You Donna – Daddy Loves You Always!

After the passing of his beloved APDT Donna, David decided to share his love by adopting a small breed dog. In 2012, two 12 lb bundles of joy, love and terror were found in Koa and Leo, who brings a new skill-set of training and fun to the household! Both aspire to follow in the steps of big brother Smudge and are currently learning their foundation agility skills!


Meet KoaCute, cuddly and ready to roll. This cocker/doxie mix has a big attitude for a little dog. Koa was a stray who somehow landed in the shelter. Fortunately, Best Friends Forever small dog rescue and networked on Facebook. Koa was destined to be part of the pack.

Koa is a survivor. He has a wonderful spirit and great resilience! Not much shakes this confident pooch. Koa loves the ladies and is ready to jump into someone’s lap. He’s most comfortable in the company of dogs his size, but can hold his own with the bigs too!

Koa is motivated and eager to learn and earn. He’s mastered his basic behaviors and is always up for more!


Meet LeoRescued from the Devore shelter, he was a fragile 8 week old pup who ended up having the worst case of kennel cough. Unable to eat, barely drank and couldn’t even play, his start was rough. It’s no wonder that although curious, he was nervous and unsure of most all things.

Slowly, Leo began to get better and began to find his way in the world. Leo is happy, healthy and possesses a natural athletic ability and has energy to spare! He’s an incredibly loving and has a special bond with Kaimana; is Koa’s best wrestling buddy and finds time to do some boxing with big brother Smudge. Leo continues to work on building his confidence.

Koa and Leo are currently following in big brother Smudge & big sister Kai’s steps by learning the foundations of Agility and Rally Obedience, and also help out by being demo dogs.

David’s dedication to representing the girls in a positive manner and working through Smudge’s issues are apparent, as all 3 dogs took First Place trophies in their respective obedience classes and all three have earned their Canine Good Citizen designations.

He continues his work with the current task of building a positive relationship with the little guys and training them throughout their lives.