Because every dog deserves an Adventure!

Life as a Smudge

May 31, Incredible Dog Challenge (6)

Getting a Leg up in life!

It’s been a few days since I had my first chemo treatment and other than being a little tired the first couple of days, I feel pretty darn amazing!  I’ve…

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Waiting for the oncologist

The Next Chapter

Hi Everyone!  Sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve been able to blog.  I’ve been pretty busy lately and am happy to finally sit down with my dad to…

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April 26 (14)

New Challenges Ahead

It feels like forever since I’ve been able to write you!  The good news it that I’ve been busy getting better.  I finished my antibiotics and my stump looks and…

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A week of R & R

Back on the Mend

Since Sunday, I’ve been to the doctor almost every day this week.  It’s not my favorite place to be, but dad always makes sure that he brings something special for…

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In my Ride at Irvine Regional

Staying Pawsitive

It’s so nice outside and I love just sitting in the sunshine on my back patio.  Dad makes sure that he puts down my mat every day, so that I…

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Dad helping me to relax.

Gearing up for Another Change

There’s been so much going on these last couple of days!  The very first thing that I wanted to share with you is that I got my sutures removed! Yaaay! …

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Me and Kai, both 11.5 yrs old and definitely going strong!

Feeling Awesome!

One of the reasons why I’m feeling so great lately is because of all of the people who love me….I mean besides my Dad and pack.  I’ve had a lot…

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My family

It’s Dr. Time!

I’ve been super lucky to have really awesome doctors taking care of me and dad during this whole process. I’ve been seeing Dr. Mike ever since dad brought me home…

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Happy Boy Smudgie

Better, Stronger, Faster!

Since my surgery, the days seem to go by really fast!  I wake up and go for my morning walks, then I do some kind of training with dad.  We…

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My first wagon ride

A New Day and A New Way

It was Thursday afternoon and I was sitting up in my kennel area, still a little sore and groggy from my operation, but I was ready to go home! My…

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