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Feeling Awesome!

One of the reasons why I’m feeling so great lately is because of all of the people who love me….I mean besides my Dad and pack.  I’ve had a lot of friends and family come over to the house to see me, like my Tutu (grandma in Hawaiian) – I get sooooo very excited to see her, that I never want her to leave!  And my cousins came over too.  Here’s a picture of us together!

My Tutu and my cousins Sandra and Madison visit me!

My Tutu and my cousins Sandra and Madison visit me!

Then there was Mr. & Mrs. Henry (Monty’s parents) who not only brought ME toys, but they also brought over dinner for my dad!!  My friend Travis came over with his mom.  Kunu & Scarlett’s mom and Mika, Hina and Chip’s mom came over too!  Oh, Ruby, Bizzy, Cobalt and Twister’s parents came by one day. My super awesome dog walker, Kaycee came over a couple of times to see how I was doing.  My neighbors stop to say hi to me whenever they see me outside and my auntie came to stay with me while dad worked.

Yesterday, my friend Annie’s mom, Juli – made a special trip just to see me and dropped off some goodies!!  I was very surprised and really appreciated the belly rubs!  I’ve known Juli for a long time now, because Annie and I started in the same agility class!  It’s always good to see her.

Juli brings me goodies - Jan and Mike bring dinner for dad & Kaycee loves me so much!

Juli brings me goodies – Jan and Mike bring dinner for dad & Kaycee loves me so much!


Plus there’s a ton of wonderful people who have been calling or leaving messages for me and reading my blog.  I know that there’s a whole lot of people who have been praying and sending me good thoughts.  I am feeling so very loved and that’s really what helps me to feel AWESOME!! Thank you!!


The other day, Dad had set up a tunnel and a jump for my little brothers, but when I saw it … OMIGOSH!!  My ears perked up and I was super excited!  Here’s what happened!

I know that I need to take it easy, but dad was nice enough to let me go in the tunnel a couple of times.  Then he made me rest. I got to go watch Koa and Leo play agility though and I got to chase my favorite puppy, Bizzy (well – until dad and Bizzy’s mom freaked out and made us stop).  It was great fun and it tired me out for the rest of the night!

This Thursday, I get to have my sutures removed! Yaaay!  I’ve been super good though.  Dad hasn’t really had to put the cone of shame on me at all.  I’ve not once bitten at my stitches and haven’t complained.  But here’s what’s REALLY exciting about Thursday… I get fitted for my new prosthetic leg!!  Can you believe it? Dad said since I’m older, it’s better for me to not have to put so much stress/pressure on my other 3 legs.  I’m super active, so he thinks that I’ll have an easier time.  I am 11.5 yrs old after all!  We’ll see though.

My appointment will be at Paws on the Go and I’ll be seeing Dr. Caroline Goulard, who works closely with Orthopets, where they will make my new leg! It’s in Colorado.  Dad says my fitting will take 1.5 hours and that I’ll have a second fitting once it’s done.  Pics to follow for sure!

Life is definitely a lot different for me and one thing is for certain, I really appreciate every day that I get to spend time with my dad, my family and my friends.  I hope that you hug someone special today too!

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