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Gearing up for Another Change

There’s been so much going on these last couple of days!  The very first thing that I wanted to share with you is that I got my sutures removed! Yaaay!  I was a little afraid when Dad and I were waiting for the nurse to come and get me. He told me it would be a super quick visit.  I wouldn’t walk though, unless dad took me to the big double doors.  When I walked through them, I saw Dr. Tony and the team and they all said my name “Smudge!”. I was super happy!  Dad was right, it was super quick!

Later in the afternoon, we went to see Dr. Goulard at Paws on the Go.  Dad told me that for this appointment, he would be with me the whole time and not to worry.  That was fine by me!  Our friend Jan (Monty’s mom) came with us too.  She helped to take pictures.

Dr. G was really nice and even call me “kid”.  Dad said that’s because I am HIS kid :)  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I know the drill.  Dad talks to the doctor, while I lay there and just chill.  I was listening to them talk about my prosthetic leg and how I would need to learn to use it and stuff.  Dr. G also shared a story about a 13 year old dog who had the same surgery that I did and is now learning how to use hers.  If she can do it, I CAN DO IT too!!

Massage, Stretches and Measurements--- Where's my facial?

Massage, Stretches and Measurements— Where’s my facial?

It was time to get to “work”, so Dr. G sat on the ground with me and assessed my muscles and stuff and talked dad through what she was doing. She said that 60% of my weight is supported by my front legs and now that I only have one, it puts a lot of strain on all of my limbs, but especially my front leg.  Then she started to give me a massage and also helped me do certain stretches. THAT was my favorite part of the day!  She told dad that he needs to help me stretch a couple of times a day and that he needs to give me a massage a couple of times a week!  Can I just tell you, how happy I am about that???  So, I laid nice and relaxed and quiet while Dr. G gave me my massage.. I should’ve asked for a facial too :)  While I was chilling and relaxed, the good doctor also took my measurements for my new leg!

Afterwards, she watched me walk but It’s easier for me to balance if I trot because I use my back legs more.   The problem with this is that my structure is kind of changing, as I try to compensate.  I’m also starting to hold up my stump, but that’s not good either because when I get my prosthetic leg, I’ll need to put weight on that side again.  Dad will have to help me learn to not trot all of the time and just walk.  So massage and stretching are very important.

The Casting.. hope i get the part :)

The Casting.. hope i get the part :)

The hardest part of our session was being patient for my casting.  I had to lay on my side very still.  Dr. G put plastic wrap around my stump and chest area, then she took the casting stuff and had to wrap it and wrap it and wrap it around my stump!  Then she needed to squeeze it a little to make sure it formed correctly and after a few more minutes, the doctor needed to cut it off.  I was not only patient the first time she did it, but also the SECOND time!!  Dr. G wanted to make sure that she got the best mold possible and wasn’t happy with the first casting, so she did it again. My dad was very proud of me for being the best ever as we gear up for another change!

Got the mold, now time to cut it off!

Got the mold, now time to cut it off!

My new leg should be ready in about 2 weeks.  Dad’s even getting a special colored leg for me too! I can’t wait to see and use it.  Until then, we have to do our exercises so that my transition will be easier.

Dad helping me to relax.

Dad helping me to relax.

Our next step comes Monday – my first chemotherapy session.  Dad kinda has that worried look again, so I try to put his mind at ease by laying next to him and every now and again, I’ll sit up and put rest my head on his leg.  He looked down at me and told me that before Monday, we’re going to have a blast this weekend!  Me and dad, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, but for now, we’re going to make the most of our day and I hope that you do too!

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