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Getting a Leg up in life!

It’s been a few days since I had my first chemo treatment and other than being a little tired the first couple of days, I feel pretty darn amazing!  I’ve been eating like a champ, my tummy doesn’t bother me and I’m still excited to run around and play.  Although, my dad still makes me take it pretty easy though.  My next appointment is in 3 weeks and this time, they are going to give me a full dose.

May 31, Incredible Dog Challenge (6)Dad, Koa and I went to check out the Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge this past weekend.  The weather was perfect by the beach and we had a blast! I got to hang out with a few friends and make a bunch of new ones too.  We saw a splash dog, 30 weave pole and disc dogs!   Gosh, seeing all of the dogs and their humans having so much fun together really made me miss how dad and I used to do agility.  I never realized how much I just miss doing simple things, like going on a run with my dad (even if he is slow!).  I think Dad must feel the same too, because we’ve taken a long break from training and my little brothers really need to start ramping up, if they want to get into the agility ring.  I’m excited though, because dad promised to make sure that he spends time teaching me something new, just like we used to!

Incredible Dog Challenge: I'm an honorary small dog!

Incredible Dog Challenge: I’m an honorary small dog!

Today, I was able to get my new retrofitted leg!  They made a few minor adjustments to it:  rounded the bottom a bit, so I can stand on it and move more comfortably;  added more cushion to the back of wear my stump fits, so that it doesn’t slip off and they also fixed the angle to help how my shoulder lines up too.  I got some good work in with Dr. Goulard and Dad.  He said that we are going to make a more concentrated effort to build more muscle and to get me to use my new leg properly.  Dad hopes that we’ll be able to pay it forward and help the next set of pets and their parents adjust to a new way of getting a leg up in life! I’m totally excited to be working and training with my dad, no matter what it is that I’m learning!  I’m just thankful to be doing it together :) and that’s for real!

Got my new retrofitted leg and I'm pretty happy about the fit!

Got my new retrofitted leg and I’m pretty happy about the fit!

My family and I went on a packwalk with our pals this evening.  I was so happy to visit with

Packwalk w/our ADA friends

Packwalk w/our ADA friends

my friends and to get out after resting so much!  I didn’t wear my new leg though, I need to practice more and form good habits (so dad and Dr. G says).  But I was still happy to hop around and smell stuff.  Dad made me ride a lot more than I wanted to this time, but that’s ok.  I didn’t mind so much this time.  I was just content being outdoors and on a mini adventure.  You know, one thing that I really appreciate about Dad is that he always makes the effort to take me and my brothers and sister out on adventures.  Dad said, “Smudge, it wouldn’t be much of an adventure if you guys weren’t with me.”  I feel the same way.. everything always seems to be that much better when we’re together.

Me and Koa hitching a ride.

Me and Koa hitching a ride.


Here’s hoping that your week is filled with the most meaningful adventures with those who mean the most to you too!

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