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Hear What Everyone’s Barkin’ About

We were given a months notice that we had to get our dogs to pass the CGC test in order to keep them in base housing with us. We have had both of our dogs since they were old enough to be away from their mothers. Abby, 2 years, is an American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix. She is very energetic and nosey. Koby, 1 ½ years, is a Blue Pit Bull. He is very laid back and a big baby. Our dogs are members of our families and we could not imagine having to give them up. In panic mode, we came across Active Dog Adventures. I emailed David in hope that he would be able to help us out. He quickly responded saying that he would be more than happy to help. We began working with the dogs at home preparing for our first meeting with David. Our first meeting with David was a huge success. We pre-tested both dogs for the CGC and neither one of them would have passed. We worked with David for 3 hours and at the end of the session Abby passed her test. We were all amazed that our hyper girl had made such progress in such a little amount of time. David gave us some excellent training techniques and mental exercises to do with our dogs. We worked with them for another week and Koby passed his test in our next session. We continue to work with our dogs the way David taught us and they have made outstanding progress. We really don’t know what we would have done if it were not for our experience with David at Active Dog Adventures. We are truly grateful! John, Ashley, Morgan, Abby & Koby Carraway

– Written by The Carraways

My husband and I have had our rescue dog “Roxy” for years, and we recently rescued “Oreo” to keep her company and save him from the inevitable. However, we didn’t realize what we were getting ourselves into when we brought a new dog home! The dogs did not get along, and our new Oreo was terrorizing every dog (including Roxy) in the neighborhood. However, before we gave up on the situation, we contacted David, and he was our savior! David helped us to understand why Oreo was acting out, and how to get him under control. We have learned so much about both of our dogs, and ourselves in the process. With a little training and understanding we are all having a blast. Now Oreo and Roxy get along amazingly and most importantly we are able to walk them through the neighborhood without fearing we might bump into another dog. The transformation has been a great experience for all. Thanks David – you are our hero!

– Written by Ron, Courtney, Roxy & Oreo

Kai, my Standard Poodle, and I have been training with David for several months now. I’m really very experienced with training dogs but all that experience took place many years ago and the methods have changed for the better. I am so impressed with David’s work and there is no denying that it is helping Kai become much more than obedient. He is becoming a “thinking dog” who loves the challenge of mastering the tasks that David sets for us. I can almost see Kai’s mind working and I absolutely can see the joy he feels when he understands what I am asking of him. While I sometimes struggle to “unlearn” the old ways, David is patient with me and we share a sense of humor that makes the most difficult lesson fun. I am so proud of the progress that Kai has made and I know that it has strengthened the bond between us. We really owe that to David and I can recommend him as a trainer, dog sitter or walker unconditionally.

– Written by Diane & Kai

Shortly after we adopted our Boxer, although we loved her, we feared we may be in over our heads with this dog! She was underweight, unhealthy and was generally not happy. She was very nervous out on walks and would fiercely bark at other dogs. David has truly served our family as “Canine Consultant”. He was able to assure us that she could indeed be the “good dog” that we’d hoped for and he advised us on everything from food, and exercise to helping her bond with us and feel more at ease with her new home. Stella is now a happy and healthy member of the family. Thanks to David’s calm and knowledgeable approach she is learning her basic obedience commands quickly and can enjoy a nice stroll around the neighborhood.

– Written by The Reiters

Dear David, Thank you so much for turning me into a more behaved and nice dog to live with. As you know I needed lots of work because I came from the back lot of a job site in Los Angeles and look at me now. I am only 5 months old but you have me walking on a leash nicely, I have manners when I eat and I am learning to be a lady at the front door. I’m not biting and pulling on clothes. Actually I am a pretty spiffy pup! Thank you David from me and my Mom for your gentle way of training, please feel free to have other pups call any time for a recommendation.

– Written by Jelly Roll & Louise

We have definitely had our share of dog trainers work with our dogs, Shiloh and Oliver. While we knew our dogs were smart and great learners, nothing could have prepared us for what David would teach them and us. From the minute you meet David, you know you are in great hands. You can instantly tell the level of training you will get with him is like no other. Within 24 hours of David’s visit, we noticed a change in our dogs. We are amazed by the progress we have seen. We see the future as endless as to what he will be able to train them to do. We can’t thank David enough for coming out to our house.

– Written by The Vilanders

Dear David, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding personal training series my dogs Dorothy and Douglas and I completed with you over these last 6 weeks! I feel our lessons were well worth the cost in benefit to my dogs over their whole life. They are so much more polite and well behaved. I liked your idea of substituting a bad behaviour (barking at the door and doorbell) with a good behaviour : “sit!”. We ALL learned so much! Dorothy and Douglas love you! I liked learning to use the clicker for training. The results for so fast it was unbelievable! You were very clear in each lesson with your directions both for me and my dogs. When I didn’t understand a training concept or was nervous you modelled the training segment so that even a grandma (me) could do it! Our goal was to prepare for the canine good citizen test and ultimately have Dorothy and Douglas qualify as therapy dogs. I would say we are more than half way to our goal and I just want to say thank you again. I would recommend you as a trainer to anyone. I have already recommended you to all my friends. Dorothy and Douglas send their WOOF.

– Written by Colleen Samion, San Clemente CA

We rescued Lucy, a young female pit bull, from a shelter in Los Angeles. She needed some serious socialization and training. We happened to meet Dave in the park working with his pit bull Kai, and we were so impressed with his Kai’s behavior that we instantly knew that Dave was our new trainer. Dave has an incredible way of relating with dogs and teaching them the valuable behaviors they need to know. Dave uses positive reinforcements and praise to train your dog, and we saw instant changes with Lucy’s behavior. Not only does Dave teach your dog, but he coaches you on how to work with your pet to get the desired the behaviors you want. After each training session, Dave sends a detailed training log that you can review, so you don’t forget what you covered during each session. Overall, Dave has an amazing rapport with dogs, and he uses sound training methods that produce positive changes in your pet’s behavior.

– Written by Kurt, Dawn, Dino & Lucy

David is flexible, reliable, honest, and most importantly for my Dog Kona, it was love at first sight! Dogs are very intuitive and they know a dog lover when they meet one. My dog Kona was instantly smitten with David’s calming yet fun personality!

– Written by Tracey Elliott

What I loved the most about the training program is seeing my dog improve and being able to communicate with my dog in a way that we will both be happy.

As a first time house dog owner with two young children and a husband, I am amazed that our 7-month-old Cackapoo is so well behaved that you wouldn’t know his real age. Thank you David for being so knowledgeable and for being such a great trainer for Winston and my family. I would encourage any dog owner who is having trouble training there dog to give you a call and to sign up for one of your classes. You have been a pleasure to work with and I know that I will be signing Winston up for another one of your adventures!

– Written by Mark, Celeste, Morgan, and Jordan

Karan and I recently lost our beloved Bichon “Bear” of 16 years. Who could “fill his paws?”

Along came “Emma” a 10 month old Cairn Terrier. In just a short few weeks we knew we had another “wonderful companion.”

We are pleased that we were recommended to David, as just in our initial first training session David presented new commands to “Emma” which she quickly learned and we continue to use. The result is a more obedient and better pet.

We are pleased with the results and will, and already have, recommend David and his training techniques and services to those we know.

– Written by Karan and Dick Nagel

My name is Darlene Hall and my pup is Molly. We are from Ohio and came out here to enjoy the winter weather in California! Molly is a 2 year old “morkie” (yorkie/maltesese mix) who had no formal obedience training. She was very strong minded (the terrier in her!) and would pull me along when I tried to walk her and completely ignore me. My daughter had met David through Active Dog Group Adventures and told me of his training program. I was a bit skeptical but set up a private training session with David. Molly really responded to him and I found David to be so very knowledgeable in the training of Molly. He was able to help me work with her with positive rewards training to achieve the behaviors that I felt were impossible! He also gave me very specific written exercises to do with her and it is hard to believe she is the same dog!

Molly and I enjoyed every aspect of the training program. I can now enjoy walking her (as opposed to her walking me!) in a very calm manner. She enjoyed the training sessions as much as I did and I plan to continue to work with her in Ohio and show David her progress when I return next winter.

I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for training for their dog. He was very thorough in his program and the written instructions really helped me.

– Written by Darlene Hall

A few years ago, my wife and I decided it was time our children experienced the joy of owning a family dog. I was hesitant about having a puppy around three small children. I took our chocolate lab Lexi to Active Dog Adventures and that’s where we met David. David was incredible with Lexi. At 12 weeks old, I wasn’t quite sure that Lexi would be able to learn much. With David’s guidance Lexi learned the basics as well as advanced commands. More importantly, David house trained & crate trained Lexi! David’s training is so simple and fun that my children participated in the training. This is the best training I have ever experienced and I recommend anyone with a dog visit David and see how good your dog can be.

– Written by Mike Coleman

We think that David’s gatherings are a great thing to do for the community. We enjoy meeting other people in our community socializing in such a healthy environment; outside with our favorite furry buddies!

– Written by Ken and Leigh