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Life as a Smudge


I’m Smudge and I wanted to share my story.

That's me! Happy go Lucky!

That’s me! Happy go Lucky!

11 years ago, when I was around 8 months,  I somehow landed in the Orange County Shelter.  I was actually adopted twice, but each time, I was returned to this scary place.

Then, one day, I was transferred to the Irvine Animal Care Center because some nice people thought that I would have a better chance of finding my forever home.  I was pretty depressed and  I almost lost all hope, until  I heard all of this commotion.  I saw this guy walking down the row but  I didn’t bother getting up though.  I just laid in my bed, curled up and looked over my shoulder at him.  I put my head back down, because I knew that no one would pick me again.  But the guy asked to see me. I was too scared to walk, so they carried me out to meet him.  His name was David and the day after we met, I called him Dad!  Finally, I found my forever home!

2013 Smudge Progression PicMonkey Collage

Then and Now: Smudge through 2012

I had a new sister, a pitbull named Kai, a new home & a new dad!  It was all very exciting.  We went through some adjustments and had our challenges, like when I ate my dad’s new couch.   He called me Edward Scissor Teeth, because I also chewed the door frame, a couple of leashes and the seat belt!  And through it all, he never took me back to the shelter.

I was super active and hyper! Dad said that I needed a lot of activity and training.  I didn’t care what we did, just as long as it was with my dad.  So he signed me up for an obedience class where I took first place!  We did a fly ball and he started taking me to agility too!  It was soooo much fun!

Smudge in Action

Smudge in Action

After a couple of years, Kai and I got a new sister, Donna and Dad said that we were the inspiration to form Active Dog Adventures!  We started to go on more hikes and adventures and I was the inspiration for the ADA logo! We also motivated dad to become a certified dog trainer too!  Then he and I  started to compete in agility.  I have titles in NADAC, CPE and AKC!  I just LOVE doing everything with him!  He tells me that I’m his best friend, trainer, comedian and all things.  Guess what?  He’s mine too :)

Smudge having a blast with Dad!Having a blast with Dad!


We’ve been through some tough times together, like when Donna left to go over Rainbow Bridge.  I was there to for my dad to help his heart heal.  After some time had passed, Kai and I picked two little brothers that we’re training up!  Boy, is it a challenge! I’m having fun with the little guys though.  They mean well!

My Pack - Then and Now

My Pack – Then and Now

Now for the serious stuff – Last year, we were doing a lot of adventures and competing in agility and that’s when Dad noticed that I was limping.   Even after a lot of rest, I wasn’t getting any better.   I’ve been super healthy all of these years, so he took me to get my left paw checked out.

Dr. Mike Ikeda, who is super awesome, from Muirlands Animal Hospital took pictures of my leg.  He showed us the xrays and told dad that my bone in my leg wasn’t healthy.  I had no idea what that meant and I just wanted to go play.  We both had no idea just how much different life was going to be ….

I hope that you’ll come back and read my daily blog.   Tomorrow’s title “The Smudge that changed Everything”